Keynote speaker

Jorge Barbosa, Saudi Red Sea Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Title: "The Ripple Effect: channeling the ‘Source-to-Sea’ vision as a catalyst for SDG realization."

Jorge Barbosa

Jorge, as a sustainable development practitioner, holds a master’s in environmental science from Yale University and counts with 15 years of professional experience in the blue economy and its linkages with climate change. Jorge served as an oceans advisor to ambassadors of the UN where he made significant contributions to the negotiations and drafting of the original Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 [‘Life Below Water’] concept note in 2013. Jorge’s dedication is further exemplified by his role with the World Bank as a Blue Economy Specialist leading transformative initiatives across regions. In his most recent role, Jorge worked with UNDESA supporting the intergovernmental process of achieving the SDGs, particularly supporting the technical discussions held at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference and the 2023 UN Water Conference. Currently, Jorge is a Blue Economy Advisor to the Red Sea Authority in Saudi Arabia. Jorge’s hobbies include SCUBA Diving and sailing ‘traditionally rigged’ vessels.

Jorge’s engagement at ECSA 60 as a keynote speaker will not be on behalf of the Government of Saudi Arabia. The thoughts, views, and information shared at ECSA 60 are strictly under Jorge’s personal capacity as Sustainable Development Practitioner.

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