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General Session


  • Coastal hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics
  • Tides, waves, and storm surges in estuaries and coasts
  • Impact of extreme events on coastal systems
  • Monitoring and prediction with observation systems and models


  • Coastal biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Habitat conservation and aquaculture
  • Coastal Ecosystem Restoration
  • Connectivity of estuaries, saltmarshes, mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs
  • Stress responses and resilience: from molecular to ecosystem level


  • Terrestrial carbon and nutrient input and estuarine transformation
  • Eutrophication, Hypoxia and Ocean Acidification
  • Blue Carbon sequestration and storage
  • Source tracing and food web accumulation of pollutants

Human Dimension

  • Coastal governance and policy
  • Socio-economic impacts and adaptation
  • Community engagement and stakeholder involvement
  • UN Ocean Decade initiatives in estuaries and coasts
  • Decision support tools and marine spatial planning
  • Science communication, citizen science and ocean literacy

Special Session


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“Source-to-Sink” processes across the river-estuary-coast shelf continuum under changing climate and human activities


Estuarine & Coastal Sciences in Ice Cover Seas


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Ecological modelling of coastal ecosystems


Response and resilience against natural hazards: science, policy and community engagement


Environmental change affecting COastal ecosystems of tropical China during the Anthropocene: Landward vs. OCeanic influence (ECOLOC)


Blue Carbon ecosystem assessment, restoration and accounting


Deepening knowledge on the resilience and responses of estuarine ecosystems under climate change


Coastal wetlands: processes, interactions and evolutions


Estuarine and deltaic coastal resilience with nature-based solutions


Mainstreaming Nature-Based Solutions for transformative climate adaptation in marine coastal areas


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Nitrogen biogeochemical cycling in estuarine and coastal ecosystems


Biogeochemistry and hydrology across the land-ocean continuum in the coastal transition zone


Dynamics of organic carbon cycling at the land-ocean interface


Compound weather, climate and biogeochemical extreme events


Lateral exchanges of carbon and nutrient in coastal blue carbon ecosystems

Human dimension

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Social-oceanographical modeling to promote decision-making of coastal resilience in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG


Knowledge Co-Production in the Implementation of Closed Season in Africa


Challenges in the integration of ecological, socio-ecological and socio-economic aspects in estuarine, coastal and marine management

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