LifeWatch ERIC

LifeWatch ERIC

LifeWatch ERIC is the e-Science European infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research, investing in three essential components: open access resources, reproducible analytics and mobilised communities. It tackles the constraints affecting biodiversity and ecosystem research, enabling the exploration of new frontiers in ecological science and supporting society in addressing planetary challenges.

By equipping scientists with distributed computational and storage capacity, tools and web-services for data integration and interoperability, as well as with Virtual Research Environments, LifeWatch ERIC will make it possible to test scenarios of change in biodiversity, ecosystems and their services, and support the formulation of nature-based solutions. Such evidence-based synthetic knowledge can then be made available to decision makers and citizens, empowering society to tackle planetary challenges and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EU Green Deal and the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy targets. In addition, LifeWatch ERIC provides training and learning opportunities for a range of users, ensuring access to all the data, services and resources available within the infrastructure.

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