PyroScience offers innovative opto-chemical sensor concepts with expert customer support to the worldwide research and industrial community, NGOs and governmental organisations. Based on a new concept, PyroScience introduced lately the most flexible one-device solutions for O2, pH and temperature measurements in the lab (FireSting-PRO series) and underwater (AquapHOx series). The AquapHOx products comprise long-term loggers for stand-alone operation during long monitoring approaches and transmitters with real-time data transmission for ultra-fast water column profiling in open ocean (down to 4000m) and coastal areas. They are compatible to diverse optical O2, pH, and temperature sensors (screw cap, fiber-based & contactless sensors) for multiple applications like

- the most sensitive trace O2 measurements,
- sensitive measurements of ocean pH on the total scale with neglectable impact of salinity,
- fast O2 and temperature water column profiling,
- contactless read-out of incubation chambers,
- profiling over surface structures, in sediments and along gradients at high spatial resolution.

Simply exchange the sensor head and apply in your underwater application.

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