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Student and Early Career Researcher Workshop: Publishing and Reviewing in International Journals
  • Prof. Mike Elliott, Editor-in- Chief: Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, University of Hull, UK
  • Prof. Eric Wolanski, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia
  • Prof. Victor de Jonge, Editor-in- Chief: Ocean & Coastal Management, University of Hull, UK

This workshop aims to help PhD students and early career researchers understand the publishing process and offers insight into the editor’s perspective on how to get published in international journals. Researchers will also be provided with background information on the peer review process and an outline of the important steps they need to follow when reviewing a manuscript.

The following topics will be discussed in more detail:
  • Preparing, writing and structuring your article;
  • What editors and reviewers find important in an article;
  • Presenting information to make the paper more citable, valuable and attractive;
  • Why papers may be rejected outright by international peer-reviewed journals;
  • Citation indices and quality metrics;
  • Publishing ethics e.g. Plagiarism, duplicate submissions, authorship;
  • How to review a manuscript;
  • Dealing with referees’ comments and the art of polite rebuttal.
Open discussion of the issues and sharing of experiences between participants is encouraged.
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