Special Sessions

1. Changing physical settings and processes

1e. Measuring bio-geophysical processes in dynamic and complex environments

1f. Ecogeomorphology of estuarine systems

1g. Estuarine numerical model development and applications

2. Biogeochemical processes and fluxes at the land – sea interface

2e. The Subterranean Estuary

2f. Polar estuaries - an early-warning region for temperate systems?

3. Shifting ecosystem structures and functions

3e. Analysing, assessing and judging integrated ecosystem food webs and other networks

3f. Ecological responses of large estuarine-shelf system under natural and anthropogenic stresses with an interdisciplinary perspective

4. The human dimension: impact, management, governance

4f. Experimental economics evidence for contributions to marine and coastal collective goods

4g. A practical illustration of the human dimension in coastal systems and its drivers for change

5 Crossdisciplinary and open topics

5a. EMECS - Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas

5b. Exploring coastal futures in the Anthropocene

5c. From 'anthropogenically-modified' to a 'natural' state in the North and Baltic Seas? – Scientific challenges for the implementation of the European MarineStrategy Framework Directive

5d. Coastal filters under remake

5e. Managing harbours as complex social-ecological systems

5g. Anthropocene and Holocene environmental changes – the past as a window into the future

5h. Repairing the world’s estuaries: opportunities and constraints in the Anthropocene

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