Ecosystem Network Analysis (ENA) Tutorial
  • Victor de Jonge, Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies, The University of Hull, United Kingdom
  • Teresa Fernandes, School of Life Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Ecologists use network models and analyses to investigate the structure, function, and evolution of a wide range of ecological systems. This includes communities of mutualists, food webs, movement of genes and organisms across landscapes, and whole ecosystem functioning. The broad use of this model type is in part due to its generic and flexible representation, its ability to address relational questions, and its applicability to large data sets.

This short course is meant to be a starting point with focus on the structural analyses, flow analyses, and utility analyses. It thus introduces the fundamentals of ecological network analyses from an ecosystem perspective. At the completion of the tutorial, successful participants will be able to conceptualize ecological systems as network models and apply ecological network analyses using the R package enaR.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop with R installed. A rudimentary knowledge of R programming will be helpful, but not required.

Experienced colleagues are encouraged to show up as well so that they can contact those who are new in the area but interested to learn using enaR.

Those who register for this workshop will get further detailed instructions on how to download R and additional required packages. The number of participants is restricted.

Please register directly with the convener Victor de Jonge.

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