Scientific Committee

Dr. Kate Spencer, ECSA President-Elect, School of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Dr Kate Spencer

Kate is currently a Reader in Environmental Geochemistry in the School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London.

Kate works closely with oceanographers, geomorphologists, hydrologists and ecologists to provide the fundamental science to underpin effective management of fine and cohesive sediment. This work has focussed on understanding the source, distribution and behaviour of sediment-bound contaminants coupled with fine sediment dynamics and sediment structure. Kate is particularly interested in understanding the links between physical processes and biogeochemical cycling. A key goal is to understand how natural disturbance (e.g. climate change and erosion events), anthropogenic management (e.g. drainage and dredging) and restoration activities (e.g. managed realignment) impact contaminant behaviour in sediments.

Most of her work focuses on the estuarine environment, but projects have included lowland, upland and urban river catchments, and engineered systems. She principally works in the UK, where low-lying coasts, a long history of industrial inputs to rivers and estuaries, and the threat of sea level rise provide plenty of opportunities for research.

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