Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schubert, University of Rostock, Germany
Hendrik Schubert

Studying marine ecology, he became attracted by Cyanobacteria and received first scientific attention with contributions to the ecophysiology of bloom-forming  phytoplankton species.

After PostDoc (Amsterdam) and Habilitation (Rostock) he started his carrer as a professor for plant ecology at the University of Greifswald; in 2002 he got appointed to the Chair of Ecology  at the University of Rostock. Mainly focusing on brackish water ecology, his research interests range from short-term variability of abiotic conditions and the respective biotic adaptation kinetics to long-term dynamics of coastal ecosystems and large-scale biogeographical patterns. Beside this, there is an old, but still strong love for charophytes. 

Together with several colleagues from Russia and Germany Prof. Schubert initiated a German-Russian research laboratory, the „Ulrich Schiewer Experimental Laboratory for Aquatic Ecology“ (USELab). This institution since 2009 intensively studies brackish water ecology and successfully released a rather large number of book publications and research articles in high-ranked peer-reviewed journals.

In 2019, Prof. Schubert was awarded the Honorary G.G. Winberg Medal of the Russian Hydrobiological Society for the “outstanding achievements in Hydrobiology and remarkable contribution to the international scientific cooperation”.

Talk Title: The ‘Paradox of Chaos’ in stable environment: new insights into ecological theory

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