Scientific Committee

Dr. Inga Nordhaus, Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Bremen, Germany

Dr. Inga Nordhaus

  • Inga is a scientist in the working group "Mangrove ecology" at the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology in Bremen. She is a marine ecologist and specializes in benthic, mangrove and tidal flat ecology. Her research focuses on the biodiversity and functional ecology of marine invertebrates and the response of individuals, populations and communities to natural environmental change and anthropogenic impacts. This includes investigating the effects of deforestation, pollution, fishing activities and the operation of aquaculture ponds on coastal benthic communities. She also studies the ecology of economically important species, in particular their habitat use, feeding ecology and movement patterns at different life stages and their contribution to the connectivity of coastal habitats. Another research interest is the link between biodiversity and ecosystem functions and resilience, therefore she performs comparative field experiments in mangrove forests of South America and Asia. Inga collaborates closely with biogeochemists, environmental chemists, social scientists and other ecologists and participates in interdisciplinary research projects. She works in Indonesia, China, India, Brazil and Australia and supervises students from many countries.


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