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Prof. Dierk Hebbeln, Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany

Dierk Hebbeln

  • Dierk Hebbeln is professor for marine sedimentology at the MARUM-Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen, Germany. Being a paleoceanographer by training he followed a kind of comprehensive approach, not only looking on marine sediments as paleoarchives, but also trying to understand the sedimentation processes that finally produced these archives. Thus, by linking plankton net, sediment trap and surface sediment investigations, a solid base for the interpretation of older sediments has been developed that contributed considerably to the quality of the reconstructions of the paleoenvironment. Besides in the open ocean realm, he also follows this paleoceanographic approach in coastal settings and shelf seas. Since the turn of the century he is involved in two further research topics, namely sedimentation processes in coastal waters and the long-term development of cold-water coral ecosystems and the formation of carbonate mounds. Since 2006 he serves as the director of the Bremen International Graduate School for Marines Sciences – GLOMAR that coordinates the research training for PhD students in marine sciences at the University of Bremen.


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