Dr. Francois Galgani, IFREMER, France

Dr. Francois Galgani

  • Dr. Francois Galgani is currently project manager at IFREMER, head of a laboratory, and chairs both the MSFD Technical Group Marine Litter for the European commission/DG Environment and the CIESM committee C3 on biogeochemistry/ ecotoxicology. His work has been dedicated to oceanology and Environmental Sciences, with a special focus on Molecular Ecotoxicology and marine litter. Understanding how the pollutants are impacting marine life and how marine life adapts to environmental constraints are the main interests. His work is also focusing on the development of biomarkers, the contamination of the Mediterranean Sea, including transitional waters and coastal lagoons, and marine litter in European waters. Distribution of debris in coastal and oceanic waters, how they degrade and a better understanding of harm are the main aspects of his actual scientific concern. Dr. Galgani has been also largely involved in the monitoring of contaminants and litter, supporting the implementation of a monitoring network for marine litter at the European scale, within MSFD. He also provides scientific support to international institutions such as UNEP, IOC and G7.

    Talk Title : Marine litter: sources, distribution, impacts and management

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