Dr Jaco H. Baas, Bangor University, UK

Dr Jaco H. Baas

  • Dr Jaco H. Baas is Reader in Fine Particle Dynamics at Bangor University in NW Wales. He is head of the Hydrodynamics Laboratory at the School of Ocean Sciences, leading a research group that studies the effect of cohesive clay and extracellular polymeric substances on the kinematic behaviour of open-channel flows, water surface waves and particulate density currents. His research interests extend from process-based sedimentary geology to physical geography and hydraulic engineering, recently also incorporating microbiological processes. This versatile background has proven valuable in using laboratory- and field-based hydrodynamic models to obtain a better understanding of bedforms and primary current stratification in fluvial and marine sediments and sedimentary rocks, composed of mixtures of cohesive, biologically active, mud and cohesionless sand particles. Dr Baas’ research has been sponsored by national and international research councils, as well as by the dredging and hydrocarbon industries. He has authored 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers in a broad range of journals, including Nature Communications, Geology, Earth-Science Reviews, Geophysical Research Letters, and Journal of Geophysical Research (www.researchgate.net/profile/Jaco_H_Baas).

    Talk Title : How do biological and physical cohesion affect estuarine bedforms?

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