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Bryony Caswell, Department of Geography, Geology and Environment, University of Hull, UK
Bryony Caswell

Bryony Caswell is an inter-disciplinary marine scientist who lectures geology and marine biology at the University of Hull, UK. Her research considers the response of marine communities to environmental change in the deep past and the present, including changes in the ecological functioning provided by marine benthos. This has included work on the population, community and ecosystem effects of a number of extreme climate warming events, hundreds of millions of years ago, in the Jurassic. She completed a doctorate in Earth Science at the Open University, UK before lecturing marine biology at the University of Liverpool, and most recently completed a post-doc at Griffith University in Australia. She worked in aquatic ecotoxicology for a number of years and has interests in how benthic communities respond to organic pollution, and recently co-authored a textbook on marine pollution for Oxford University Press. Her postgraduate students are working on a range of research projects that consider the impacts of human activities on past and present ecosystem functioning so that we might better understand future marine ecosystem dynamics. Additionally, she is a member of the ICES working group on historic fish and fisheries, and through this work seeks to unravel how history has shaped present human practices and relationships with the sea.

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